New beginnings are in store for me and my future. I recently started school and I’m just now starting to write this blog. I’ll admit, this is a long time coming. I’ve been writing for years. This is myself attempting to see how far my words can take me. Much to write about, much to talk about, much to see and much to do. I would love to share my thoughts and visions to the word.

Thoughtless is the mind as I create the words that come upon this page. No watching for typos or errors because you can’t stop the flow of the brain. As yesterday, I was with my friend and we figured out why the cleanliness of your room correlates to how clean and free your mind may or may not be. It was mindless behavior, but I’ll discuss that in a different post.

Many things about nothing but my nothing is your everything and my everything is your nothing. Allow my everything to become your everything and dive deep into the abyss of this thing we call life. What is life without the interpretation of the people who live it, right?

Rambling, I begin to do, I know. I’m just so excited for what there is to come. Take a journey to the Shadow Place.