As stated in my previous post, I analyzed the thought that has been studied by many doctors through many tests. Many other writers had written about it. Like in this article written by Don Scotti, “Clean Room, Clear Mind: Why Success Starts with Organization, Not Chaos.” This is a great article about this concept.

I believe a thought to be a pile of junk in the middle of the room For this conversation I’m going to say that is a thought that you’re trying to forget. You have two options. You can kick the mess to the side or you can get up and get a broom and a dust pan to clean up the mess right away. Many people may decide to clean up the mess later and others may want to clean the mess up right away. Knowing the person that I am, I may clean the mess later. With this in mind your room or, in this case, your mind, is not as clean as it should be. This is where people put the thought in the back of their mind and forget about it for a little while. This is where that forgotten piece of junk will hinder you later.

You meet another human being and they are nice enough for you to enter your room(your mind). When you find out that you suddenly have deeper feelings about this person, you then remember the lost mess that you swept in the back of your mind. You become more worried about that mess you start to build a proverbial wall around yourself. You begin to withdraw and in turn, problems begin to happen with your relationships with your friends, family and possibly a significant other. With this understanding, you begin to realize that you have to get rid of this mess before it becomes an even bigger mess. The things that are going on because of this small mess is now becoming bigger things with even a bigger mess with the then small mess, causing you to becoming lazy, exhausted, unmotivated and just plain tired of what life is doing to you. You then stop cleaning your room, you stop caring about your living space. This is all because your mind is cluttered with a big mess of thoughts of worry. You have to sit and begin to pick yourself up to clear your mind.

You begin to clean your room. Have you ever started cleaning and you’re just in the zone with the mess that your only determination is to clean up your room? The zone allows you to think about the issues that you are going through and you begin to clear your head subconsciously. You begin to place better thoughts in your head. You begin to develop new ideas and different ways to get yourself further in life. Your mind is becoming clearer and clearer the more you began to see your outside world  become a little better and a little cleaner. You’re putting pictures on your wall, your beginning to find new thoughts that you didn’t know were even there and you’re open now to invite more people in your room or inside your thinking space. Your mind is clear now and, with the logic of this study, your room is clean as well correlating with the clear mind that you may or may not have. I’m sure this doesn’t happen to everyone. Having a happy thought may allow you to develop three more unhappy thoughts. This is just a general concept that happens to the general majority of people that were studied.

Cleaning my room, though, helps me in more ways than one. I have to keep my space clear so I can be successful. I try not to have many pictures because too much home decor is just organized chaos. I don’t want to have anything to do with any kind of chaos. Having a clean room helped me keep a clear mind. It’s easier to now focus on my thoughts rather than worry about what’s the next chore to do for my room. With this new found focus, I’m ready to become free with me.