Sometimes changes is needed to feel as if you’re doing something in your life to move forward. Sometimes the change isn’t welcomed and many people may say that you have changed for the worst. It really depends on the perspective. There are many people that I’ve watched change in front of my eyes. They don’t say hi anymore, they don’t call anymore and I begin to feel as though I’m the reason that caused that person to change. Am I being egocentric to think this? It wasn’t always like this but overtime things start to change and once things change, often times, it’s irreversible.

I’m not a very lonely person. I just don’t deal with many people. Even though I really would like to socialize with people, they tend to change so much that it’s hard to keep up with the motions. I’m aware that people change, but the changes are so drastic at time and so dramatic that that person isn’t the same person at all from the beginning. It’s like I’m getting to know someone else, not a person that improved in certain areas. A completely different person from what I’m used to is typically what happens when someone changes in my life and I don’t really like it too much. After years of knowing a person, to have them changes completely can be too hard to swallow.

I love change. I love good change. Sometimes you have to make change for anything to start happening in your life that is worth your while. This may be why many people are afraid of change because, just like death, they do not know what will happen to them afterwards. I’m sure that people have the best intentions when they intend to make a change. But down the line, those intentions become blurred and people just begin to see you as this vessel of a person sucking up the energy of those around you with your broadcasts of change to yourself and the people around you. Think about it. People brag about how much they are going to change or have already changed and it’s more bragging than embracing and celebrating the change, if anything. Why did you decide to change? Was the change for the better good or was it for deeper motives such as validation from the general public due to your personal insecurities and pre conceived feelings you have about yourself? Because in the deeper scheme of things, no matter what the change consists of, it all boils down to being unhappy. You have to truly be unhappy to commit to a change that has the possibility to change your outlook on yourself and others forever.

At its core, change isn’t too bad because for the most part, it does create better things for yourself and others, and it has the possibility to open up new roads for you. But change can effect the relationships that you had before you made that change. Change is good but people must understand that when you change yourself you will inevitably change your environment, your surroundings and your entire existence as a human being.

Are you ready for that kind of change?