I’ve always hated my voice but I loved to write because it was the voices in my head that were allowing me to write the words. I tend to make other personalities for those inner voices and thoughts. The person that I am won’t allow me to speak those words out loud so I have to make other personalities to get those words out there.

I thought that the perfect place to do this is the media. From what I know about the media, the media can be a scary place. Once I understood what the industry was about, I found out that it wasn’t so bad. I started learning the behind the scenes magic of radio and video and I realized that this is the right place for me. When people say, “walk a day in my shoes”, I can really allow people to do this because when they see something or hear something that I produced, they are listening to it the way that I heard it in my head and the way that I saw it with my own eyes. They  will be able to see my vision on the screen or in their ears the way I did. It’s a surreal experience and I love it.

Now I am able to allow my baby steps to evolve into a legacy that I’m hoping to leave behind when I inevitably go on to the next life. Not only am I learning how to work a camera or manage a sound board, I’m managing on how to give the world my shoes and allow them to be me for a day or two.


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