I have a tendency to “zone out” and people believe that I’m losing my mind. I’m not losing my mind. Your mind is losing you. Understand what I’m saying. Many of the times when I zone out, all of the talking, the pointless noises and chatter fall into the background and I am in the zone. I see the other world outside of this one and I need to be there. I will do pretty much anything to get to that place that is away from this one here.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy this life that I’m living. I feel depressed at times but I’m only human. What human do you know that is always happy? If they seem happy all of the time then trust me, the door is always closed to what is really going on behind it. I want to go to that peaceful place that is “the zone” and live there for a little bit if not forever.

I get tired of the mundane things that we as humans have to do day in and day out just to survive. We live on a planet where we have to pay to live anywhere. What kind of foolishness is this? People may say, “well how would we make money”? I’ll say that there was a time that we didn’t have to make money. We just traded for the goods that we needed. Do you need sugar? I need salt. Let’s make a fair trade. And the deal was done. You got what you needed and I got what I needed and we went on with our lives. Now we have to bust our butts just to make it to work. It’s getting ridiculous. This is no way to live.

Do we even live anymore? Because we are breathing and walking around does that mean that we are living? We can be sustaining the soul that is inside of us to make sure we don’t die, but do you call that living? At heart, we are animals. Animals roam freely and don’t have to worry about paying for anything or living for anything. They are living to survive, but I’m sure they are aware that they can do whatever they want in their personal domains. The only burden they have is us. As soon as we come around, they have to remain alert. We are the aliens on this planet. Everything else look at us and wonder why we are even here.

Why are we even here? How deep does this zone goes? I want to find out. The deepest form of peace is death. I’m not condoning suicide, but to have to kill yourself to get to that ultimate level of peace is beautiful to me. Kind of like that movie “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio. What if we are living a dream and we have to die to wake up? What if the zone is me looking out to myself trying to tell myself to wake up? Am I even real?

Is the zone even real?

Why even question things if we don’t know the answer to them? Why look for answers if there will be more questions?

Is everything just a perception of our thoughts? Is this universe just one big thought and we’re just living in a thought bubble of someone else’s head?

Are we their zone? What game is the outer most universe is playing with us?

What will it takes to seek real peace with one self without the need for death?

But if death is inevitable then with death comes peace.

Peace is inevitable within us too which is why we rest in it.

I daydream too much. Let’s get back to reality, whatever that may be.