The heart speaks what the mind keeps silent

Unspoken are words that may change the minds of the perturbed.


Are these images in my head…

But would I rather seek solace in them?

Or in the words that are unspoken and will be with me until I’m dead


Long gone


Alive is my body but my mind is racing

No finish line is in sight so my legs find the strength

To continue this race

Against all odds of ever winning

But this is only the beginning

This start is that of one ending

Sending me

Mixed signals and obvious signs

That I missed, remaining blind

I’m oblivious

I see what the heart wants

But the mind plays tricks

So what you want is only what you think


So sink

Deep into your consciousness

Becoming unconscious

One must sense that

Since that

Sixth sense is meant to

Dive deep into my unconsciousness

Then what sense

Will it make if I was to make sense

Of this conscious state

If I’m not aware of what makes me conscious

Then unconsciously

I seek sense in the unknown

To know what is known

But to know more is to want to explore more unknowns

Causing our minds to encompass more unknowns

So what we don’t know may never be what we already know

Making it so

That our minds are so unpredictable

But predictable is that our heart beats


Allowing us to speak freely

What our minds refuse to speak…



Some minds may be

But maybe

It’s only as deep as

Your consciousness allows it to be

You seek what you dare to seek

You dive into the unknowns that dare peak

Your interests

But to not know

Does that make it interesting?

If so then why must you want to know?

In the back of our consciousness

We must understand what makes us to be

But to be

Is to be aware

That there are unknowns out there

That are meant to remain unknown

If shown

Then their cover is blown

Causing us to become a part of a permanent unconscious state

But at what rate

Do we dare speak

The resolution to our fates?

If you know what is to happen

Will you speak for your conscious sake?

Or will you match the somber rhythm of your heart

And detach and become a part

Of the silence?

Our sixth sense is there to make sense

Of the parallels that makes us able

To put a noun and a verb together to make a sentence.

What’s the use of writing words in any tense?

If we fail to make sense of the words

That remain speechless

We text this, speak less and write speeches

But remain speechless making our words useless

Meaningless to the usefulness of our consciousness

But left in the unknown are the words in our unconsciousness

That we leave there because our heart beats more or less

To the impulsive beats of the predictable liveliness

That is our life in silence


Our minds are truly one of madness

We see these images and dare not speak of their awareness

Sadness and depression is the aftermath of this succession

The cycle of ignorance will continue to flourish

We love so hard but can never think in such a manner

What’s the use of our words if we just speak useless banter?

To change the way our minds are filled with the uncertainty of the unknown

Seek what is known and what is there

To become more aware of the things that we all share

In common

Too busy finding unknowns in the differences in our existence

While we can know the similarities to have some clarity

In this world shared by you and me


If we all come to the reality that we all die at the end of this thing

Then what’s the point of hiding

And not speaking what the mind wants to say so badly?

Our hearts are so predictable

Would this land be here if we loved it so?

Will there even be a prison if we used our hearts, really?

What’s the point of it all if we can’t think freely?


To really get deep

Say what you need, not what you feel

Most likely what you feel isn’t really real

What you feel is what you think you feel

That’s the mind playing a trick

So if this is the case then none of this is real

So who’s to say what any of this means

If even you don’t even know what any of this means

We make up things to make sense of the unknown

Making more unknowns for us to make known

If this is the case, then nothing is known

And what we learn is forever lost

In the words that the heart speak and the mind keeps locked in silently

What is there to unlock?

What use is there of the key?


We sink deep into our unconsciousness

To maybe seek refuge from all of this mess

With no clue what is fake and what is reality

This is the true definition of insanity

But what is insane

May not ever be

Did my mind just play another trick on me?