It’s America’s fault that 50 people are dead and 53 people were injured in a nightclub in Orlando, FL. It is every person fault who were ever against anyone in the LGBT community that this happened. It is the fault of America’s gun laws. It is ridiculous that this continues to happen in America and we so called care so much about this country. We are close to electing a psychopath as the president of the United States. But we care about the people of this country so much? It is your fault that the media continues to shove ISIS down your throat to the point that you are believing that all Muslims are to blame for the violence of this country when it is really the country itself that you should blame. It is really the fault of all the people who preach about how this is a horrible country because of the people who choose to not be like them.

It is your fault, America. You care so much after the fact but will anyone that is considered a minority in this country catch a break? Black people are dying. People of the LGBTQ communities are dying. People of the Muslim faith are dying and are being prosecuted for things that they have nothing to do with all because of the media’s focus on ISIS and terrorism. Yes, it happens, but you cannot prosecute an entire group of people due to the acts of a small few. Is the presumptive majority, white people, prosecuted for their acts that they have done to America for years? The majority are using the weak minds of the minorities by allowing ourselves to blame each other for the madness of this country when really all of us play a role of the downfall of America.

No matter what your origin is, you will be a target. Rather you be black. Muslim, LGBTQ, or anything that is not close to being seen as acceptable to the majority, then you will be targeted. If your influence isn’t beneficial to this world or speaks as a threat to this world then you will be targeted. It is America’s fault that this continues to happen and it will not stop until the people who are deemed the minority rise up against the majority.

We can show them who the real majority is. The real majority are the people who are teased for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or just different. The real majority are the people who are black or anyone who are looked at differently because of the color of their skin. the real majority are the people who choose to have a different faith and believe in something higher differently than the rest of society. We all are the real majority and together we can take a stand against the hatred towards of from the government, mass terrorist groups, all racist groups, and the world that stands to get rid of us.

As a queer black woman myself, I am disgusted with the state America is in right now. The murder of innocent people will be justified all because people will reason that they shouldn’t be that way in the first place. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Are you kidding me?

Do you think that people that are LGBTQ choose to be this way knowing the risks that are involved? Do you think people of color choose to be this way knowing the risks that are involved? Do you think people of any faith, particularly the Muslim faith, choose to believe in what they believe knowing the risks involved? They are that way because they are that way. You can argue that it is a choice but why would someone choose to be a target purposefully? Ponder on that for a second.

If anyone has pride in us, it will have to be the people within our circles, within our communities to have pride enough in themselves to continue to fight for what is right. There is nothing wrong with love no matter what kind you rather receive. There are many sick individuals in this world. We are focused on the wrong things. Two men kissing is more disgusting then the rape of innocent women? Two women holding hands is more disgusting to you than the murder of innocent people enjoying a night out? A transgender man or a transgender woman is more disgusting to you than the genocide of innocent people? What is more important to you? Which is more disgusting to you? What is done as part of my business or what is done in this world that will affect you and your future?

America needs to get a hold of what is going on in this country. If we keep allowing this to go, then America, along with the rest of the world, will crumble. We can speak about the violence all day. We can make Facebook posts, create vigils and pay our respects but in reality, as long as they are doing what they’re doing, we will continue to get dished what we allow them to dish. After a week or so, this will all be forgotten about, just like the rest of the tragedies happening in America.

We need to rise up, wise up and figure out a way to stop them. But for every word you spoke against any person that has been prosecuted for being who they were meant to being in the eyes of the Most High, it is your fault. These are people who are dead. What they choose to be shouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that these families have lost a piece of rare gold forever.

Shame on you America. Shame on the people of this world.