I wonder what it would be like to be able to kiss you deeply for more than five seconds and ours eyes closed? I wonder how good it would be to be able to be free from the mental chains that are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like? How awesome would it be to go back to a time where if you met someone that you liked, you had to get their number right then and there or you will lose contact with them forever? What ever happened to chance encounters? When was the last time you told yourself that you met someone by chance and not from Facebook? Nowadays you know the background of the person before even speaking to them. What is the purpose of going out with them then? To verify what you read about them online? To see if they’re lying? What is the initial purpose? Why do people seek validation from people that shouldn’t matter to you in the first place? Why does it bother you that you like the person on the outside by on the internet they seem to be a different person? That person is the same person, but felt that they can really be themselves in a place that is faceless and all you have are names of people who are whatever they want to be. Only the name that appears is what you see, so why does it bother most people that the things you see may not actually be me? What ever happened to knowing the person, not the persona? Whatever happened to word of mouth versus word on the web?

I wonder what it would be like to kiss you deeply for more than five seconds without a flash of a picture, an audience or the world knowing that we are kissing each other. Just for a second we lived in the moment without the burden of sharing this intimate moment. Those days are forever gone. Everything and every body will forever need an audience.

But for one moment, allow me to kiss you for more than five seconds. Just you and I and the kiss that will forever seal our connection which is deeper than being Facebook official anyway.