Reality is just and idea.

Ideas are just that; an idea.

So if reality is just an idea

Then the idea of reality doesn’t exist

Therefore, what is reality?

Reality is what you make of it based off of your own personal ideas.

So if your idea of reality is being alone then so be it.

People say that I’ve lost touch with reality.

I’ve lost touch with your reality. My idea of reality is far above and beyond what your idea of reality is. But this isn’t to be confused with someone’s ideal reality. Your idea of reality may be different than your ideal reality.

My idea of reality is being tolerated by society and being able to speak whatever I want without judgment or persecution. My idea of reality is living in peace with myself and making sure I live this life the best I can before I die.

My ideal reality is to be seen for being human, not for being a woman, a black woman, a black queer woman, a black, queer, educated woman, a black queer educated, natural woman, a black queer educated natural, fearless woman….

The list of who I am as a woman goes on

But what about this human do you like? Strip all of that away and you will come to the ideal reality of mankind as a whole.

At the base of idealistic realizations, the ideal truth is far unreachable.

Unless we lower the bar for us to be able to reach that ideal and make it a reality that can be more than an idea.

So what’s your reality? Any great ideas?