How many years have passed that you remembered how you celebrated the coming of a New Year? Do you even remember last New Year’s Eve when you got so drunk, you kissed this person and puked soon afterwards? That person thought it was them that made you puke. It was actually those tequila shots that your friend warned you about when you walked into whatever spot you and your friends decided to go to that night. Sounds like you had a good night out on New Year’s Eve, right? Enjoy the New Year.

But what is so special about that night that made it any different from any other night out? The prices to get into places around this time are more expensive. The places are too crowded and what exactly are you celebrating? Did you accomplish any of the goals that you said you were going to accomplish when bringing in 2016 last New Year’s Eve?  What is the point of celebrating yet another year where you’re most likely are going to be complacent yet again?

I’m not trying to sound like the rain on your parade, but really think about the concept of New Year’s Eve celebrations. People are really willing to pay more money just to do the same thing that they’ve done in the past during the year anyway. That’s not a celebration, in my opinion. Being around people I don’t know, drinking expensive alcohol just for the sake of drinking it, and not even remembering the day of celebration doesn’t sound like a celebration to me. A personal celebration such as a birthday or an anniversary is something you can celebrate in that manner because it is personal to you. But to celebrate a regular day just for the sake of “starting over” isn’t really logical. Kind of like celebrating the end of the month because you’re just that excited to start a new month.

The way people celebrate the NY should be the way people celebrate life everyday. I’m not saying to become an alcoholic or to party all the time (word to Eddie Murphy), but to cherish each day as if it is your last. Enjoy the gifts of life each day. The you today is different from the you of yesterday. The way people celebrate NYE/NY is kind of strange to me. I used to partake in the festivities of NYE, but it became mundane because of that fact that it was a waste of time, money and energy. Kind of like many holidays that we celebrate each year.

Don’t wait until NYE/NY to celebrate new beginnings. Don’t wait until the year is practically over to say that you’re going to make a change. It should be a NYE, new you everyday. Don’t become complacent. Make a change.

I’m excited for the New You. Let’s make 2017 and the rest of our lives worth it. Don’t allow your worth to be summed up in the crap you did, or didn’t, do in one year. The opportunities and the chances are unlimited. One year will never do to accomplish them all, but you can definitely strive to accomplish most of them.

Welcome to the new you (NY). In 2017 and the for the rest of my life, it’s going to be a NYE (new you everyday). Live it up!