I’ll be honest. Because it seems that my poetry isn’t really the biggest hit, I’m no longer going to post any of it here unless requested. That’s becoming a waste of time.

Anyway, letting go in all aspects of my life is something that I have a hard time doing. I can let go of something physically with no problems. When it comes to letting go of something emotionally or mentally is a different story. For example, I’ve dealt with a women on and off for three years. Yes we were a couple.

She and I was a couple but we are no longer together. Physically, I let her go. But getting over her emotionally is the hardest part for me. This is all old news as I’ve since found someone new, but the point I’m trying to make is that even though she’s not with me, she’s still with me. That’s why I don’t understand how people can just fall out of love with someone so quickly. If it took a while for you to fall in love with them, it should take you a while to get over them, in my opinion. I can forget about someone, but letting them go in my head is the issue for me.

Not just with people but with anything. I feel that there is something within me that I’m hanging on to but I just do not know what it can be. Is it fear? Is it anxiety? I can’t really put my finger on it. I’ve used to be a very clumsy person but I’ve gotten better over the years. Now I feel that in my carefulness, I stumble more on my words and worry too much about my next move. I tend to over plan, overthink and overall just overdo whatever it is that I need to do. It can get bothersome to the point that I just want to sit in a corner, cover my head and hide from everyone and everything.

This new woman that I’m dating is the complete opposite. She doesn’t plan and doesn’t worry too much about the next day let alone the next week. She is the definition of going with the flow. Besides just telling me that I will be alright, she shows me this thing that I think is a flaw can be a gift if I know how to manifest it. I just have to let go of whatever mental block that I may have that is stopping me from doing and being the best I can be. It is a slow process but I’m getting good at it.

Letting go can be difficult but it is totally worth the work and effort. Just think to yourself, what value does this person or thing bring to your life? If they were to disappear and you didn’t know about it, would it even effect you in a drastic way? If the answer is no then just let it go. Once I understood this, letting go became easier to me. Most people and things are just taking up valuable space in my life anyway.