What can you say about Lashay Curtis? Curtis is the inner ego of the human that everyone wants to be. To see what she sees, you must pay attention to your own inner being. Let’s look into who Curtis is.

Curtis is a person of many faces, many talents and many brains. She allows her poetry to take her away from this place on many occasions. With the words she put onto the page, she goes into a reality of her own. Many times it seems that she has to differentiate a fantasy from the reality at times. What is really her reality? I’m not sure if she knows. With this in mind, Curtis plays as the inner being within the outer being trying to find an escape from the perceptions of other realities. Creating alternate realities through film, pictures, script, and audio, whatever reality she has to make to get out of this perceived reality is what she does to gain a real grasp of what it means to be the outer being. To be is what Curtis wants to do, but the path can sometimes get rocky.

Curtis came into this world two years ago. Her outer being, the person that the perceived world knows her as, is Sade Turner. Her mom named her after the famous singer. How did Lashay Curtis manifest? Before Sade was born her mom gave birth to a baby girl in 1987. Her name was Eve (after her mom) Lashay Kelley. She died 3 days after birth. In 1994, her brother was born. His name is Deonte Curtis Turner. Sade is technically the middle child. The names, Lashay and Curtis, are her siblings middle names. That was when Lashay Curtis was born. In her words, “I believe in the power of three. Even though my sister isn’t here and my brother is on his own path, I want them with me at all times. When I’m creating my different universes, I want them to be there with me. Lashay Curtis is here to be able to make that happen.”

Sade was born in Camden, Arkansas and lived with her grandma along with her brother until the year 2004 when they moved to Chicago to live with their mom and dad. She then graduated from high school in 2008 and went on to college. It was in 2009 through 2011 that she realized that she had a real passion visualizing a life outside of this one. She knew that it was more to being just Sade. Sade stopped going to college in 2011 due to financial reasons and during 2011, she went through many experiences that will shape the way her path will be for the rest of her life. 2012 was when things changed.

Sade maintained a job in 2012 up until now. Sade then became Curtis and decided to not carry her born identity with her through the different rings of fire that she know that she may go through to escape this reality. With a portfolio of short stories, almost 100 original poems, unofficial scripts, and journals that she kept since she was 14, Curtis decided to put those words to work. She is currently attending Illinois Media School. She wants to do it all but her real passion is Media Marketing and Sales. Curtis wants people to see their own realities and knowing how long it took her to find her own reality, she want to be that guide to help people go above and beyond what it means to be successful. Not just here but there too, where ever there is to that person. She is still pursuing this degree but while doing so, she is gaining many skills that can assist her in shaping, mapping, planning, and living her own reality.

Not a fan of marriage of children, she plans to move out of Chicago and got back to her home state of Arkansas to be closer to her family. Curtis wants to also own her own company to be able to live out her dream and to help her fellow black man and woman to get jobs. In her words, “us as black people must work together. Black people will never get anywhere if we continue to see the other man as superior, no matter what color that man’s skin is. We must stick together and make our own. That’s what I want to do. Allow my people to live in the right reality and it’s not this.” Curtis is also working on her own channel which she says will be what the original BET used to be. Stay tuned to see what Curtis has in store for the world.

Not only is she learning, she is doing and pursuing. Lashay Curtis is here and she’s here to stay.

Welcome to the world of Curtis.