Here are a few examples of my work and editing skills. I’m still learning, but I believe I’m pretty good and what I do. Just follow the links below.

This is a music video, Martyrs by Mick Jenkins, that I shot, edited and directed.


My first ever video project. The audio is muted due to a copyright issue with a song a used in the credits. The video has audio obviously.

Unless you were under a rock in 2016, you’ll know that the Chicago Cubs defeated the curse. See some of the fan’s predictions before this historic win.

Here is a PSA about suicide prevention that I shot using the beauty of downtown Chicago

Another music video, Dilemma by Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland.

One of my favorite commercials I directed and edited…for balloons!

Here is a talent show hosted by recovering veterans of the US Military. This was a very inspiring project. I edited and shot this as well. For the interview, I had to trust that the camera was looking OK on us! Looks pretty well!